Friday, March 9, 2007

We're home!

We were discharged from the hospital yesterday. This last week has been the longest and worst of my entire life. Basically, Demeter had a really hard time withdrawing from the crazy amounts of morphine they gave her, and would cry non-stop unless the nurses sedated her. She was so frantic and overtired, she refused to eat for 5 days after they took her off the ventilator (she was fed by an NG tube, but refused to nurse). I really didn't think I'd ever have my baby back again. In the meantime, I was pumping for way longer than I thought I would have to, and my milk supply totally tanked; I got a prescription for domperidone just in time, and Demeter finally started nursing and acting a little more normal (she's still not 100% yet). They told me she would be in the hospital for "a week, tops" - it turned out to be 15 days.

It's great to be home, but I feel a little strange too. Besides the surgery and recovery, being in the hospital was very difficult for me - I saw a baby die in the PICU, and seeing the family's pain was more horrible than you can imagine. The nurses and doctors were really great and they try to make the hospital as cheery as possible, but there was alot of misery around us as well.

I'll have more to write later; Demeter has a weigh-in on Monday and a post-op appointment next week; hopefully all will be ok.

Now, pictures!

The day after surgery

First time holding her!

The surgeon, our hero!

The day before discharge - a very happy baby!