Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cough, Cough, Sneeze

We had cardiology and pre-assessment appointments today; Demeter's only gained 17g a day since the last visit, but we all think its because she has had a cold, and anyway 17g isn't horrible. It looks like we might get through this without having to use the breastmilk fortifier, which for some reason makes me feel good. She'll have enough foreign substances pumped into her soon!

Demeter will have to have more bloodwork done on Monday to make sure her white blood cell count is down before they'll proceed with the surgery. I think she'll make it; it doesn't seem like a very serious cold. If not, they'll just postpone it a week, because there aren't a whole lot of other cases right now (maybe this is the benefit of doing this at a "small" children's hospital, rather than, say, Sick Kids in Toronto).

It turns out Chris is a match for Demeter's blood type and will be able to donate 2 units of blood for the surgery. This won't statistically affect her chance of getting a blood-borne infection, but it will make us feel better, and it's two units of blood they can save for someone else (I can't donate since I'm breastfeeding). Fortunately, Chris hasn't been in a malaria zone in the past year (Just missed it by a couple months - he's usually all about the malaria zones!), and doesn't have cytomegalovirus, a kind of herpes virus that the majority of us have and is dangerous for people with weak immune systems.


Anonymous said...

Well that is great news all around. Glad to hear that Chris is a match. He'll be able to have this connections when she starts giving him the gears in her teenage years. Taly, hope you can exhale with this news.
Love Shirley

Chatoyant said...

That is all very good news!