Wednesday, February 7, 2007

It's a roller coaster ride

This is a completely different post from what I would have posted yesterday. The Lact-Aid was being really difficult, I weighed Demeter when I shouldn't have, and the number wasn't great, and I was thinking that this all was becoming too much.

I guess I needed some sleep, because when I woke up I realized Demeter looked great, I thought of some new tricks to get the Lact-Aid to work better, and her weight was better. Averaged over the last few days since we've started the medication, it's actually pretty good, and I should know better than to weigh her every day and expect the weight to go up in an orderly progression.

Today, we have an appointment with the cardiologist to see how Demeter is doing with the medication (since I'm weighing her so often, I know she's doing well). They never explained to me that a really large weight gain would signify that the medication was not doing its job, and that she was retaining water again. The lactation consultant explained this to me, and I'm really glad she did, so I won't mistake the water for some kind of miraculous weight gain!

This is my first trip out of the house since we started with the supplementing/pumping, and I haven't quite figured out the logistics yet. I have a cooler, and a hand pump, but using the Lact-Aid outside the house will be some extreme kind of NIP (nursing in public).

Why am I doing all this? I asked myself this the other day. I'm not opposed to bottle-feeding, in general, and I might have tried to bottle-feed breastmilk for Demeter if I wasn't scared that, since she's having difficulty feeding anyway, she'd develop a preference for the bottle that would be hard to overcome. Three weeks of work in order to preserve the next 18 months or so of breastfeeding is what it comes down to.

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