Friday, February 2, 2007

More tube technology

Picked up the Lact-Aid today and learned how to use it from the LC. Demeter wasn't too keen on in at first, but took in 122ml from my breasts and the Lact-Aid together, when yesterday, she'd barely take in 15 ml in a feeding. The Lact-Aid is actually encouraging her to stay at the breast longer, so that she takes more from the breast using it, than she did without it! She does much less work, and gets more out of it, so she stays there for a full nursing session. Compare this to the supplementing advice I got from the cardiologist: giving her the breast for 10 minutes, and then top up with a bottle to see if she gets any more. That would be too much work for a baby with as little energy as she has when feeding. 10 minutes is a long time.

The device itself is kind of interesting, but I have to say that its going to take a while to learn how to use it, and cleaning it is kind of a pain as well.

Above is a picture of the pump parts being boiled (the Lact-Aid is sterilized in a vinegar and water solution).

Below is the Lact-Aid itself (I'll post a pic of it in use at some point):

So basically, I fill the system, wear it in a necklace around my neck, tape a tube to my breast, and away we go! Afterwards, I have to pump that breast to get milk for the next feed, so there's alot of stuff to clean. I need to figure out how I'm supposed to nurse her at night with this, so I have to do some internet research. I keep on thinking that this is alot of work to do, but women who are BFAR (breastfeeding after a reduction) do this for every feed until they wean. Incredible.

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