Sunday, February 11, 2007

I am a complete moron

Yesterday morning, instead of putting Demeter's medicine in the fridge where it's supposed to go, I put it in the freezer (who knows why) and it stayed there frozen solid for 12 hours. I called Telehealth and a random pharmacy, but no one could tell me if it was still ok after being frozen, so I had to get it refilled today (an almost impossible task), and she missed a dose.

Also, both of the girls are sick with a cold/runny nose. I hope it gets better before Demeter's cardiology appointment Wednesday or it might threaten the surgery schedule. Demeter sometimes vomits up an entire meal when she coughs, so I'm constantly on edge.

So far, a completely crappy day.

The only good news? I seem to have perfected the Lact-Aid overnight.


...Nikkisworld said...

Hey Girl,
Exhausted does not = moronic.
You hang in there Mama....Maybe one day you will look back at all this a laugh. Try to take it easy on yourself...

Anonymous said...

You are just a very caring super mom-just take a deep breath- Just remember "Nothing Lasts Forever" this too shall pass-just look at what you have accomplished in the last three months, Demeter with all her health concerns is thriving not just surviving-due to your tenacity. Hang in there your're almost there.
Love Shirley

Anonymous said...

I remember a certain someone whose 2 dogs were getting in his way while he was cooking peppers and sausage. He thought it would be a good idea to feed them and so lessen their appetites aroused by his cooking. He got a can of dog food, opened it, walked over to the stove, and then dumped the contents into the frying pan with the sausage and peppers! And all that was on his mind was 2 annoying dogs underfoot!